Hi everyone: I have completed the 30 day carnivore diet challenge! I am sure that many of you have heard about the carnivore diet. If you haven’t heard about it, I urge you to google it and do your research. It is the diet that will change many lives for the better especially if you are overweight or dealing with health issues. It basically became popular when Dr. Shawn Baker went on the Joe Rogen podcast. That podcast now has over a million views on youtube. The premise of the diet is to basically eat like a carnivore but cook your meat. So eat meat when hungry and drink water when thirsty.

This diet has been around for years and many people have shared the many health benefits. I follow Dr. Baker on Instagram. Honestly, I thought the guy was nuts. I was doing the keto diet and omad. I was using keto to maintain my weight. However, with keto, my weight fluctuated between 130 and 135. So I wanted to try something that would keep my weight stable and also lean me out a bit. I have always wanted abs. No amount of exercise seemed to help me to reach this goal. I was inspired to try the diet because of the many testimonials that Dr. Baker posted on his Instagram. Some of the claims were pretty shocking. I just had to find out for myself if this diet really worked or if the claims were true.

I wanted to do the carnivore diet clean meaning no dairy, caffeine, sugar substitutes. Most importantly I wanted to do this diet without exercise. My protocol was: eat meat and to drink water when I was thirsty. I would continue with omad. So I would eat one meal a day and include at least one steak. No calorie counting. Just eat until I felt full and satisfied. Please keep in mind that I had already reached my goal weight. I just wanted something to help me maintain without exercise. I lost the bulk of my weight doing intermittent fasting/omad/apple cider and black seed oil. Check out how I lost the majority of my weight in this flashback video here: OMAD/INTERMITTENT FASTING – 6 MONTH UPDATE!

The truth about the carnivore diet!
Week 1- Starting weight: 134 – this week went smoothly until about day 6. I was surprised that my digestion was great and that I had zero bloating. I had worried about the absence of fiber. So on day 6, I woke up with the most incredible sugar and caffeine cravings. I had decided at the beginning of the challenge to not weigh myself until day 30 but I changed my mind. I weighed myself because I needed to see some results to be motivated. I was down 4 pounds in 7 days. I was amazed because when I got to 135 doing omad. I had hit a wall but I was fine at that weight. Keto dieters would call hitting a wall – a stall. Current weight 130. Wow!

Week 2- at the beginning of the week I noticed that my skin was clearing up. Zero acne breakouts. Please keep in mind that I have had acne since I was a teen. I had accepted that fact that I now had adult acne. As for sleep, I was not sleeping well at all. I think due to coffee and sugar substitute withdrawal. End of week weigh in I was 2 pounds down. For a total of 6 pounds lost. Current weight 128 Btw…I haven’t weighed 128 since high school.

Week 3 – I was still having cravings and I was getting tired of eating meat. I got on the scale. 0 weight loss. I thought about going back to keto. Then I thought about the benefits of this carnivore diet: zero acne, no bloating, great digestion and the 6-pound weight loss. I decided to continue. At day 18 I decided I would have some cheese with my meal. Big mistake when I woke up the next day, my face was greasy and I noticed an acne breakout.

Week 4 – Today is my final weight in. Final weigh-in number was 127 For a total weight loss of 7 pounds. Not bad for someone that had a weight loss goal of 135.

The truth about the carnivore diet. This diet works. The weight loss is a great benefit but I am grateful for the other benefits especially the zero bloating and great digestion. I have suffered from digestive issues for many years and my doctors told me to eat veggies and lots of fiber. The result was severe bloating and my issues seemed to get worse. It was just something that I accepted because if fiber wasn’t helping nothing would. So I’m still confused. Why are we told that veggies, fruits and fiber help with digestion when in fact they did the opposite for me? The meat seemed to cure my digestive issues. Also, I found out that diary had a huge impact on my skin. So dairy is something that I will be avoiding. If you are interested in this diet, please check with your medical professional first and please do your research. I am so happy that I did this challenge. Check my update video!
The truth about the CARNIVORE DIET!

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