Hi everyone: It’s day 215 of omad. It is also day 30 of the carnivore diet! Omg!!! I did it. I completed another challenge. I ate zero carbs for one month!!!! Wow! I ate only meat for one month!!! I had so many fears going into this but I just took a leap of faith. I am so happy I did this. I am also really happy that I took exercise out of the equation for the month. Not exercising helped me to see the fat burner aspect of the carnivore diet that so many people have been raving about.

Before this challenge, I would do about an hour of cardio because I really wanted to see my abs but nothing. Just changing the way that I ate and now I can actually see the start of my abs. I am in shock actually.

Also, I had zero fiber for a month and my digestion was the best it has ever been. I don’t know. I will admit that I do miss my daily walks and I can’t wait to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I will absolutely go for at least a one hour walk tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Today’s dinner was surf and turf. I thought that this meal would be a great way to end the challenge. I will continue eating meat for the next two days. I will take a break on the weekend. I would like to see how I feel after introducing veggies and dairy again. My husband and I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th due to the challenge. We will be celebrating this weekend. If I do eat a salad it should be interesting after going so long without veggies. I will be uploading a video tomorrow to give my review and to show you the before and after. You can subscribe to my channel here. Lola’s Life Lessons Youtube Please click the notification bell so that you will be notified the minute the video has been uploaded.

Just in case you missed it. The truth about the carnivore diet!

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