Hi everyone: It’s Day 195 of omad and day 10 the carnivore diet. I can’t believe I’m on day 10! I have been asked some questions on social media and I’d like to address some of the questions here.

1. Do you get tired of eating meat?

My first attempt at the diet I stopped at 5 days because of lack of variety. I also stopped because I attempted to do this around the Christmas holidays. Bad idea. There were too many temptations…to many parties and visits. I think timing is everything for this carnivore diet. It’s a great idea to start it at the beginning of the week. Hopefully, nothing stressful will be happening for you. If you are a stress eating like me, then I think you can relate. I have been adding variety to what I eat. I eat one steak a day with another meat. ie shrimp, chicken, salmon, eggs, bacon etc

2. Do you just eat one meal a day?


3. How much weight have you lost?

The first week I lost 4lbs. My weight fluctuates quite a bit. Starting weight on the carnivore diet was around 3. I am now 130. I will do another weight in at 14 days. Many others doing this diet have reported that they have gained weight. There clothes tell a different story? Muscle does weight more than fat.

4. How much exercise do you do?

I am not exercising during this challenge. I would like to see what my results will be without exercise. If I do decide to continue then I will go back to my regular routine which was 1 hour of cardio a day. I think exercise is important for heart health.

5. What about supplements?

I take fish oil, black seed oil, msm and vitamin d but not daily.

6. What exactly is allowed?

Meat and water. I drink water when I’m thirsty an I eat meat at my omad which is dinner time. I fast for 21 hours daily and I have an eating window of about 3 hours.

7. Why steak?

Steak is very satisfying. I makes me feel full. I try to eat a large steak daily. I have been successful.

8. What are the benefits for you?

Zero acne, weight loss, zero bloating, better digestion, my hair and nails love this diet too. That’s it so far.

So what’s for dinner tonight? Steak, bacon and salmon. Check out my website for my salmon, steak and bacon recipes.

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