My HAIR LOSS story – how I fought it + hair growth tips (Keto + Fasting Hair loss)

My HAIR LOSS story – how I fought it + hair growth tips (Keto + Fasting Hair loss)

Hi friends: I get many dm’s and emails from many of you. Many of you are freaking out about your hair. You are wondering what is going on with your hair since you started your fasting journey.

I want to explain to you all what is happening. I must confess that I have experienced hair loss during my weight loss journey myself.
There is nothing to worry about. What is happening is your body is going through a change and it is freaking out. It could also be explained as an internal panic attack.

You are losing weight rapidly and your hair is falling as a result. In this video, I share some of my tips as to how to deal with this. I also recommend supplements that I have used that have helped me to deal with this.

I have been using blackstrap molasses to reverse my gray hair for almost 2 years. However, I have started a new journey. A weight-loss journey and I can no longer use black molasses due to the sugar content. I am still on the gray hair rescind journey and I will be doing monthly updates. I am very pleased with the Life Vitality Grey Hair Rescind with Catalase. If you are on a keto, keto-carnivore, carnivore diet or even a low carb or zero carb diet and you want to see the natural color of your hair again. Give Gray hair rescind a try. If you’re new, Subscribe! Please like, share and comment.



Video mentioned in this video. I showed a before and after pic of my husband’s progress. Feel free to watch this video for more…..MY GRAY HAIR REVERSAL – UPDATE! Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind from DR Vitamin Solutions

The Gray Hair Rescind worked for me and my husband. It works really fast. Click here to get yours.

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I use Life Vitality MultiMax vitamin. I eat one meal a day. My meal is low carb (keto/carnivore). I don’t always feel like I am eating enough or getting enough essential vitamins and minerals. This is an excellent vitamin. Buy yours here:
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I also mentioned biotin in the video. You can find it here:
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I hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you all for your love and support.


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