Sol Cayo Guillermo Cuba-Travel vlogs

Sol Cayo Guillermo Cuba-Travel vlogs

Many of you have been asking for an update regarding our vacation from hell. The main question was…Did we get a full refund? The answer is no! Just in case you missed it. These videos show a recap of what we experienced on vacation in August 2019! Many families have since commented on our video sharing similar experiences.

All that glitters is not gold! ?Sol Cayo Guillermo 2019 ? Episode 1?

Not a dream Vacation…Walk with me! ? ? Sol Cayo Guillermo ?Episode 2

What I eat in a day! It’s a bugs life Cuba ??! ? Sol Cayo Guillermo! Episode 3

Pilar Beach Excursion Review – Cuba Vacation 2019? Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 4

Lunch at the Buffet – Not a keto meal! ? Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 5

Cuban Singer Lenier was at ?Sol Cayo Guillermo for a concert! Episode 6

Life is like a box of Chocolates ? Sol Cayo Guillermo – Grounds! Episode 7

One water per room per day!! ? Sol Cayo Guillermo Episode 8!

Sol Cayo Guillermo 2019 – Full Review! ??or ???

Sunwing Vacations VIP Lounge Review and Cayo Coco Airport

WATCH THIS BEFORE booking – Sol Cayo Guillermo ?☀️?‍♀️?Update 2020!

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We stayed at the Sol Cayo Guillermo! We purchased this vacation through Sunwing Vacations. This is a review and also a vlog of our honest experience staying at this resort! I also wanted to show what I ate in a day while on a keto diet. Showing you the good and the bad! This is the worst hotel we have ever stayed at. This place is a dump. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone. There are many serious health and safety concerns at this hotel as outlined in my videos. The pictures that we saw online in photographs and positive reviews sadly did not reflect what we saw and experienced. Everything that we have expressed is our honest opinion and review. It is important for us to show you our honest experience. We do not want another family to experience what we did.

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