Day 83 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment! Sea salt water flush+Fasting Day 5!

Day 83 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment! Sea salt water flush+Fasting Day 5!

Hi friends: It’s day 83 of 365 of the carnivore diet experiment! Also day 5 of the water fast/sea salt flush!

I’m so happy it’s Friday another end to a very long and busy work week. I am now just trying to finish some work. My husband has to work on Saturday and after that, he is off for one week. My daughter’s last day of school is today and then she is off for two weeks. I am looking forward to some quality family time together.

This morning I continued with my routine. Drove my daughter to school. I came home and drink my sea saltwater. I am getting sick of drinking it. I am so happy today is the last day of this drink. I don’t know how people can drink this for 10 days. It took me almost 30 minutes to drink it too. After about another hour, it was successful. It did its job of flushing and detoxing. For the rest of the day. I sipped on water. I will end this fast tomorrow at 6 pm. So now I’m researching how to break a water fast.

According to, when you are coming out of a fast, it is important to ease your body back into the process of digesting regular foods. Because your digestive system has most likely reduced enzyme production and affected the mucous lining in your stomach, overeating or ingesting certain foods too quickly may cause you to experience health problems such as nausea, stomachaches, or diarrhea. Introducing regular foods slowly and strategically will help you break a fast safely, without disrupting your digestive system.

Many blogs are saying to break a water fast with vegetable broth and fruit juice. The next step would be fruits. Meat and eggs are always listed as the last things to add back after. However, because I am still doing the carnivore diet. I don’t really want to introduce vegetables back into my diet and especially carbs.

According reddit: ExtraGrassFedButter wrote:

“In my opinion, you should not break your fasts with any carbs at all. I used to break my short 1-2 day fasts with a big salad, and I would feel nauseous. I’ve switched to breaking my fasts with meat or fish (best options) or eggs (still fine, but I feel better when breaking it with meat/fish). Meat and fat are actually highly digestible by humans, contrary to what vegans say. I actually just broke 23-day water fast with a 20 oz. rib-eye steak and felt fantastic afterward; no nausea or stomach upset at all, which surprised even me.

If I eat meat with something else, like vegetables or anything with fiber, I start to have digestion issues. With plain meat/fish/eggs, I have no issues. Maybe you could try homemade bone broth? I’ve never broken a fast with it, but I’ve heard of others doing that.

My starts are 6′ tall, 22-year-old male. I was about 190 lbs at the start of the 23 days fast and 167 at the end of the fast. I didn’t do it for weight loss or any specific health issues (I don’t have any), but my skin did get super clear and was less oily. I mostly fasted to have extra time to do my final projects and study for final exams. It was a super easy fast, but once I started winter break I got bored and decided to eat again, lol.”

So tomorrow, I will be breaking my fast with eggs first and then a steak! Boom!

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