Day 77 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment!

Day 77 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment!

Hi friends: It’s day 77 of 365 of the carnivore diet experiment!
Just in case, you are new to my blog. The carnivore diet consists of animal foods alone. As long as the constituents of your meal walked, crawled, flew, swam, or otherwise had parents, they’re fair game (no pun intended). You don’t have to follow any rules as far as food timing, macronutrient breakdowns, or portions. Simply eat when you’re hungry and until you’re full. The following are examples of approved carnivore diet foods.


Steak, burgers, and red meat, in general, are the main food sources for carnivore dieters. Because you’re not eating carbs—or any plant foods at all—it’s crucial that you get enough calories to keep your energy up, so fattier cuts of meat are best. Poultry and organ meats are also fine, as are processed meat products such as bacon and sausage.

Whole Eggs

You’ll need the fat in those yolks.


Any kind is OK, but again, fattier types such as salmon and sardines are the smartest choices.


Milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter all come from animals and are technically admissible, although most carnivore dieters seem to omit or at least limit them.

As one of the goals of a carnivore diet is to eliminate nutrients that your body may not be able to process optimally, you should experiment with dairy foods one at a time and in small doses to see how you handle them. You may find you feel better with none at all.

Fatty Meat Products

Tallow, lard, and other fat-dense foods.

Bone Marrow

Bone broth is allowed.

Today’s dinner was steak, of course!

Week 11 health benefits so far:
Acne – My skin is acne free. Now working on my acne scars.
Digestion – Still great!
Sleep – Same as last week – I am sleeping throughout the night. Insomnia cured!
Skin – No change in my eczema.
Health – I am feeling great. Lots of energy!
Weight – Current weight is 134.4???
Week 1 – I was 139.6!
Week 2 – I was 137.2!
Week 3 – I was 138.8!
Week 4 – I was 137.2!
Week 5 – I was 137.4!
Week 6 – I was 135.2!
Week 7 – I was 136.6!
Week 8 – I was 136.0!
Week 9 – I was 135.4!
Week 10 – I was 135.8!

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