Day 73 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment!

Day 73 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment!

Hi friends: It’s day 73 of 365 of the carnivore diet experiment! If you could design a diet for women in general who hate to exercise or eat veggies. Now that would be the carnivore diet!

When I tell people that I only eat animal products meaning no fruits, no carbs, no vegetables. But hey, you get to eat all the steak you want.

I usually get one of these reactions. Are you crazy? or…and I love it, I want to try it. But mostly I get the first reaction.

Of all the diet trends, the carnivore diet seems to be the most radical. At first, it was hard to wrap my mind around it. When I heard Shawn Baker talking about this diet on the Joe Rogan show. I thought he was nuts. It’s one thing to recommend cutting carbs (the ketogenic diet) or eating only plant foods (the vegan diet), but to suggest eating just meat. Yeah, that does sound nuts. We are all taught in school that fruits and vegetables are good for us. My mom …and I’m sure your mom insisted that you eat your veggies. The portion of veggies to meat was extreme in my household for years.

I am still personally struggling with the programming of meat being dangerous, especially if you eat a lot of it… right? The funny thing is I feel great eating all meat but I do get that self-talk that it’s not good for my health. Even though, I am almost three months in.

I am basically going with how I feel. I am going to try to re-program all of the years of negative thought towards meat.

So what are your thoughts?

Today’s dinner was steak!

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