Day 54 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment! Carnivore Black Friday Essentials!

Day 54 of 365 | The Carnivore Diet Experiment! Carnivore Black Friday Essentials!

Hi friends: It’s day 54 of 365 of the carnivore diet experiment! I’m feeling great! I’m still dealing with my acne breakouts. It’s just a few but I wish I had not eaten the dairy. I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here!

Today is Black Friday and I have seen some really amazing deals online. I thought this would be a great time to stock up on some essentials.

If you are going to start this carnivore diet experiment or if you are interested. There are some must-haves. Not many must-haves but essentials really. I personally eat a steak a day. I wish I had all of these items when I started. Thanks to days like Black Friday, you can buy them at a discounted rate. I don’t know about you but I love a good deal.

Kitchen essentials are necessary for your steaks:

Cast Iron Reversible grill & griddle – I love the cast-iron construction because the reversible grill & griddle pan promotes heat retention for a sustained, even heat that’s ideal for use over gas or electric ranges. This grill allows you the convenience of grilling even during cold weather also. The heat from the burner spreads evenly over the cooking surface, giving you ample room to cook with uniform results. The pre-seasoned iron lets you start cooking right away without treating the pan first.

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Set– Great quality in the cookware and the covers. The cookware is well seasoned and ready to use out of the box. There is a bit of maintenance required to keep cast iron seasoned, but even if the pan loses its seasoning, it can be remedied. This is truly a lifetime pan that can be used on the stove-top and in the oven. It heats evenly and works well with many kinds of cooking methods.

George Foreman Grill – This grill is wonderful if you are making  steak for one. Sometimes I am the only person that is eating and I will make something else for my family. Tight on countertop space? This grill is your answer. It fits two servings of your grilled favorites, and it’s perfect for small apartments and couples.

Steak knives – Great for beef, poultry or fish and these knives slice through everything like butter! They fit perfectly in my hand, aren’t too long or short, and are extremely easy to wash. They’re the best I’ve ever used!

Famgem Grill Gloves Oven Mitts Kitchen 932F Extreme Heat – Currently these beauties are 66% off. The outer layer of gloves do not catch fire & do not melt when exposed to an open flame. Perfect for Home BBQ, Cooking, Grilling, Baking, Camping, Smoking, Protective Mitts & Potholders, Fireplace, Microwave and more.

Premium Himalayan Pink Ancient Salt Rocks – I do not use regular sea salt anymore after I started using this product.

Happy Black Friday shopping. I hope that you will all find some great deals.

Today’s dinner was steak!

If you are new to my blog, check out day one of the carnivore diet experiment.

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