Hi everyone: It’s day 204 of omad and day 22 of the carnivore diet challenge. Today’s meal was a gigantic T-bone steak. There are times when I really feel sick of steak. Today was one of those days. At approximately 12:30pm, I started to think about my upcoming meal. “I cannot consume another steak”, I thought. I need some vegetables. I have watched so many youtube videos and read so many blogs and my experience seems so different. I am so many cravings.

I have 8 days left and I can’t wait to eat a huge salad. Many people say that they eventually lose their cravings. I wonder how long it will take for me to get to that point. I will say that I am loving all of the benefits. My skin is so soft and pimple free. My digestion is the best that it has ever been and I am sleeping so great.

I get these cravings but during my fast only. Then a couple of hours before I eat. My mind completely changes and then I actually look forward to eating my steak. How strange is that? I start to imagine the deliciousness of the steak that I am about to eat in a few hours. The boredom goes away. The need for variety and greens also disappears. That first bite of my steak is just magical. I wonder if people that have been eating nothing but meat are at that point where their only desire is for meat. The desire for sugar, junk, cakes etc goes away because a new habit has been formed.

In any event, this meal was delicious. I’m looking forward to vlogging in detail about the benefits that I have experienced during this journey. I can’t believe that this journey ends in 8 days. Sitting here fasting, I will admit that I do miss certain things such as coffee with cream and molasses. Also mangos and asparagus. I am looking forward to tasting something sweet.

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