Hi everyone: It’s day 197 of omad and day 12 of the carnivore diet challenge. Things are going great so far. I thought I would be sick of steak by now but I am not. I love steak. My one issue is…I feel that I am not eating enough. As you all know I am still eating one meal a day. Today I had a T-bone steak with 5 slices of bacon and 2 eggs. I love this cut of steak. Just the right amount of protein and fat. It was melt in your mouth delicious. Check out my recipe for oven baked bacon.

I have been eating so much bacon. I am realizing that not all bacon is created equal. Some brands are tastier than others. Just because it is a expense doesn’t mean anything. I am loving the cheaper brands such as Selection and Olymel. When they are on sale. Trust me I stock up.

I have opened up my eating window to a longer duration. So now I have at least a 4 hour window to eat but honestly after eating that steak. I am so satisfied and full that I cannot eat another bite. If I do decide to go longer than 30 days. I think I may need to eat two meals a day.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t do the carnivore diet for weight loss. I did it to help me maintain what I lost and if I lost a few pounds that would be fine. I also did it to reap amazing benefits. So some decisions will be made at weigh in tomorrow. We shall see….Should I continue to eat one meal a day or do I eat two means. I am torned because I wanted to also complete my one meal a day challenge and I am so close.

Just in case you missed it. Here is my CARNIVORE DIET DAY 7 UPDATE!

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