Hi everyone: It’s day 186 of omad and it’s Day 1 of 30 of the Carnivore diet challenge! I’m going to succeed this time. Ok, I’m speaking this into existence. I got this! I’m reminding myself why I am doing this…Reminding myself of the benefits…hair, nails, skin, improved digestion, weight maintenance, youthful appearance and zero acid reflux etc.

What is the carnivore diet? It is basically a diet the consists of eating meat and drinking water. It means eating a lot of protein, a lot of fat, and almost zero carbs. Many people just eat meat when they are hungry and drink water, tea or coffee when thirty. This is a zero sugar diet. It is the best elimination diet as well. Many people go strictly meat then add other food back into their diet to see which ones are causing their issues.

I’m not usually hungry doing my intermittent fasting but today I was hungry. How strange? Maybe my mind is in panic mode because of the carnivore diet. I sipped water throughout the day. The hunger pangs went away as quick as they came.

Tonight’s dinner was grilled steak topped with butter and the steak drippings. Also five slices of bacon. I love to cook my bacon in the oven. Now my eating window is closed. Just in case you are wondering. I do not count calories or track macros. I eat only one meal a day which is usually dinner. Once I eat my meal, I close my eating window and fasting begins again.

I felt full very quickly. I could barely eat the bacon. I had about a 1/8 of steak left over. My daughter helped me out with that piece. No bloating. I am full but I am not stuffed. That’s a great feeling. I drank about 2 liters of water today. I had about 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I took my black seed oil 20 minutes before eating. Just reminder to check with your doctor to see how much water per day you should drink per day.

Quick bacon recipe if you like your bacon crispy. The secret: do not preheat your oven.

Instructions: Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Then add your bacon. Put your bacon in the oven. Set it to 400 degrees. At the 10 min mark, flip your bacon over. Continue to flip bacon every 2 mins until it is at your desired look of crispiness. Cooking time is about 20 mins depending on your oven. Remember to watch your bacon because it will burn easily. Enjoy

To sum up my first day was not bad at all. I have tried the carnivore diet many times but I have not been able to get past day 6. I have these crazy sugar cravings and at about that time . I give into to them. Day one is a wrap! Let’s bring on day 2. I’m ready for you. I’m gonna do this. I want to see my abs.

Check out my video blog here. Carnivore diet day 1!