Blackstrap Molasses 3 month update! Grey hair reversal!?

Blackstrap Molasses 3 month update! Grey hair reversal!?

Hi friends: After noticing that my hair was starting to gray extremely quickly. I started my search for natural remedies to turn my hair from gray to black. I didn’t want to use hair dyes because of the negative side effects. There were so many off the wall remedies ranging from putting onion juice on the scalp to eating certain vegetables. So I started some experiments. I tried the onion juice. It didn’t work. Then, I actually, stumbled upon a video from a woman that lived in the UK. She spoke about how blackstrap molasses reversed her graying hair. Once I started watching that video. Youtube started to send me other videos regarding blackstrap molasses and gray hair reversal. I was skeptical but I really wanted to give it a try. What I heard from YouTubers and the comment section was that this was not going to be an overnight process. It would take time….a year minimum for the molasses to work. Many of my subscribers were very interested in the results. After my first month, I wanted to give up because I didn’t notice any change. However, because I had promised my youtube friends that I would do this for a year. I continued on. You can see my playlist here. I am at the 3-month mark in this video! I am starting to see a change! Enjoy!

Update: At the 2 years marked both my husband and I have tried a new product. The product is called Gray Hair Rescind. Please watch the video for the product review.

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