90 Day Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind Update!

90 Day Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind Update!

Hi friends: As many of you know the company by the name of Dr. Vitamin Solutions asked me to do a review of their product Gray Hair Rescind. I asked them if I could include my husband in the experiment. We both tested the product for 90 days. This is our 90-day review. I hope you will check out our 30 day and 60 day review. We are both really pleased with this product and will continue to use it! I hope you enjoy our 90-day review.

Overview – How Does Gray Hair Rescind Work?
“Used by both men and women of all ages for gray hair treatment, Gray Hair Rescind with Catalase is specially formulated to stop unwanted gray hair from growing and the first product of its type to offer Catalase along with traditional herbs, vitamins and minerals thought to be beneficial in promoting natural hair color and health. According to recent scientific studies, low levels of Catalase in your body can turn your hair gray. Hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. This causes the hydrogen peroxide to bleach the hair from the inside out, making it gray.

Gray Hair Rescind combines Catalase with other nutrients to stop gray hair from growing and to promote thicker, healthier hair. It also contains saw palmetto to help restrict the production of certain enzymes. Many anti-aging doctors much prefer this method of gray hair treatment as opposed to the harmful chemicals in dyes and hair colors for effective, safe and lasting results.

The top supplement used for gray hair treatment.
Stop unwanted gray hair.
-Bring back your natural hair color.
-Change the gray hair that you already have at the root
-Prevent your hair from ever turning gray.
-Promote thicker, healthier hair.
-Looks years younger.
Reverse the signs of aging from the inside out and get your natural hair color back fast.
No genetically modified organisms (non-GMO).” Source https://bit.ly/2NsyFq0

A Closer Look at Catalase
“While Catalase is a surprisingly rare ingredient to find in dietary supplements, it is extremely common in living organisms. In fact, every living organism which is exposed to oxygen contains some amount of Catalase. So, what exactly does this enzyme do in the human body?

Understanding Hydrogen Peroxide is key to understanding the role that Catalase plays in human health. Most people are familiar with its use as a mild antiseptic, typically applied to cuts and scrapes. However, Hydrogen Peroxide is also a harmful byproduct of countless metabolic processes within the body. When this toxic chemical is released, it must be converted into less harmful substances before it is able to damage cells and tissues. This is where Catalase comes in.

Catalase is one of the most important compounds for converting hydrogen peroxide into relatively harmless gaseous oxygen and water molecules.

So, how does all of this information relate to gray hair? It’s actually quite simple: medical experts have firmly established a correlation between the graying of hair and an increased accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles. As such, it’s not surprising that a 2014 study revealed that intrinsic deficiencies in Catalase may contribute to an overabundance of hydrogen peroxide in gray hair follicles.

Therefore, it logically follows that supplementation of Catalase may contribute to a reduction of Hydrogen Peroxide in hair follicles, and elsewhere throughout the body!” Source https://bit.ly/2NsyFq0

You can purchase the product here: Gray Hair Rescind with Catalase. It is a Life Vitality product from Dr. Vitamin Solutions. Their website is filled with amazing health supplements. Everything you could possibly think of.

Both my husband and I are on a gray hair reversal journey. I hope you will come along with us!

I also mentioned Pro Detox in the video. The company rep mentioned that the Gray Hair Rescind works even better if you have a clean system. So the Pro Detox did the trick. It is a very gentle detox. I recommend checking with your doctor first. Also follow the directions on the bottle. I took one pill at first to see how my body would react. I drank lots of water. One pill is all I need per day for a couple of days but everyone is different. I do not recommend taking this on a long term basis. 

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I eat one meal a day. My meal is low carb (keto/carnivore). I don’t always feel like I am eating enough or getting enough essential vitamins and minerals. If you are living a fasting focused lifestyle, a vitamin supplement is a good idea. PatchMd Mulitivitamin is currently my fave multivitamin. I use it daily. I can feel the difference when I do not use the patch. 

I hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you all for your love and support.

MY GRAY HAIR REVERSAL – UPDATE! Life Vitality Gray Hair Rescind from DR Vitamin Solutions

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