4 DAY DRY FAST (INSANE RESULTS) – Watch me shrink! – 14.4 POUNDS

4 DAY DRY FAST (INSANE RESULTS) – Watch me shrink! – 14.4 POUNDS

Hello friends:
As many of you know I decide to quit the carnivore diet due to my craving for carbs. I gave in to them. I had a weekend of eating too many bad carbs which resulted in me gaining 15 pounds.

How is it possible to gain 15 pounds in a weekend? Too many carbs did it to me. That Sunday I decided enough was enough. One of my youtube friends had suggested I try out the snake diet. They also left a link to the snake diet channel. I watched a few videos and then decided I would try the dry fast for 48 hours.

I did because I really wanted to reset and clear my head. I ended up doing the dry fast for 4 days and lost 14.4 pounds with zero exercise.

I am now back on track and I am seriously considering experimenting with the snake diet.

Thank you all for your love and support.

4 day dry fast! My insane results! Boom!

Why I quit the carnivore diet!

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If you are new to my blog, check out day one of the carnivore diet experiment.

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